Legal, financial and business assistance, educational services – Accord Ltd, Gdańsk

Our company provides a wide array of services for both Polish citizens and foreign nationals currently living in our country. The headquarters are located in Gdańsk, however, we do not limit our operation to the city or its region and remain active throughout Poland. The company owner and the Head of the Management Board is Liliia Antoniuk.

Provided services include legal and business advisory and consultation. We supply our clients with crucial information in a variety of fields. We handle cases which may be complicated or untypical. Each and every Client receives proper time and attention. Our offer is aimed both at individual clients and business entities.

Entrepreneurs may take advantage of our services in the areas of financial and accounting advisory. We provide help as soon as at the initial stage of business plan creation and starting the commercial activity, where it is necessary to follow certain rules and regulations. Our accounting services are conducted based on information regarding the selected forms of taxation and specific dealings with the Tax Office.

We are also able to provide consultation connected with securing advantageous loans and credits. Our activities include language translation, both regular and sworn.

We strive to remain active in a variety of sectors and fields, in order to provide our Clients with the widest possible range of services. Do you need business premises for rent or want to buy or sell real estate? We are able to help you in obtaining essential advice and assist you in completing all the necessary formalities.

Are you interested in child education,\personal development courses, theme-based meeting, Polish language learning, preparing for state exams? We know all about them. Our company can put you in touch with experienced practitioners and experts in their respective fields.

Business and finance advisers

podpisywanie dokumentów

Legal advice

używanie kalkulatora

Accounting services

wskazywanie na tablecie

Financial advisory and consultation

pomoc dziecku z odrabianiem lekcji


klawiatura z klawiszem translate


miniatura domu przy laptopie

Real estate


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